Drone applications: Cinematography

In film making, the most important part is the flow of storytelling. The use of drones has revolutionized the way movies are made today. Cost prohibitive or technically impossible shots are now a viable reality.

Creators on all levels can agree that budget is always a concern. Not only can drones eliminate other expensive tools such as cranes, jibs, and tracks, but they can make it much easier to capture some of your shots as they don’t take up the same amount of space as some of your more traditional tools.

Drones aren’t yet ubiquitous — less than 10% of all productions use them. But demand is growing rapidly on film sets because they allow for more nimble film making — and save money. A camera drone and crew costs as little as $5,000 a day compared with at least $25,000 a day for a helicopter shoot.

Drone shooting should be carefully planned. Your drone operator needs time to mount, test and shoot with the camera/drone combination 24-48 hours prior to the shoot. This will ensure a smoother shoot on the actual shoot day.

Video showing real example of cinematography drones:


Some videography drone key specs:


Net Weight

Max Flight Time

Max Speed

Follow me mode

Max Take-off Sea Level

DJI T600

570 g

18 min

79 km/h


2500 m

DJI Phantom 4

462 g

28 min

72 Km/h


6000 m

DJI Mavic Pro

240 g

21 min

65 Km/h


5000 m

YI Erida

40 min

104 Km/h


6000 m

Parrot Bebop 2

500 g

25 min

65 Km/h

150 m

Yuneec Breeze 4k

12 min


2500 m

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