Drone applications: Real Estate

In the past three years, aerial drones have added new dimension to real estate photography and videography. Cameras mounted to a drone can be flown high above a property to capture unique exterior character, landscaping, or breathtaking views.
Drones are best used in combination with interior video or photography to give online buyers a complete sense of the interior and exterior of a property. They can also be useful in highlighting a neighborhood, or showcasing proximity to schools, downtown areas, and other attractions.
Drone video is often offered as part of a comprehensive real estate marketing package that includes professional interior and exterior property marketing.
Unique aerial perspectives get buyers’ attention
Stands out against other video
According to statistics, 71% of home sellers in the US prefer an agent who uses drones for photography.
In 2016, 35% of all recent buyers of new homes were Millennial, more than double the amount of boomer buyers. Generation X was the second large group of buyers at 26%.
The drones enable the photographers to shoot up to 400 feet high from the ground level.

Video showing real example of Real Estate drones:

Some Real Estate drone key specs:

Model Net Weight Max Flight Time Max Speed Max Take-off Sea Level
DJI Phantom 4 462 g 28 min 72 Km/h 6000 m
DJI Inspire 2 3290 g 27 min 108 Km/h 2500 m
DJI Mavic Pro 240 g 21 min 65 Km/h
DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ 1242g 25 min 54 Km/h
Yuneec Typhoon H 1,9 kg 25 min 70 Km/h
Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ 1700 g 25 min 29 Km/h 122m
3DR Solo 1500 g 25 min. 89 km/h 122 m
XIRO Xplorer 431.2g 7 min 89 Km/h 50m
Hubsan H109S 25 min 22 Km/h
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