Drone applications: Wedding photography

Drone photography wedding is clicking pictures with a flying camera that is up in the air, handled by a remote control. Photos taken by drones have become increasingly popular for modern weddings.
So that from drone you will get aerial shots from really high vantage points to get a larger (read cooler) view of the object/person that is being photographed. Also, get a 360 view of everything in the frame.
There are a number of advantages of capturing lifetime images through these flying robots. Few as follows:
– Couples can have the advantage of capturing images from different angles in the air.
– Using drones for shooting is an additional element in capturing memories.
– Great way to capture unique shots that can help tell the story of a memorable day.
Drone filming can look so spectacular, because the footage can really reveal the grandeur of a wedding venue and its surroundings.
Prices vary so make sure to get a few quotes, but you should typically budget around £300 to £1000 to hire a drone operator who can also deliver an edited video.
The key thing when planning your drone wedding photography is to allow time to capture the event and carefully choose the moments when it flies. An ideal moment to capture would be between the ceremony and the reception whilst the guests are socializing.
Outdoor wedding venues with lots of space make the best venues for drones.

Video showing real example of Wedding photography drones:

Some Wedding photography drone key specs:

Model Net Weight Max Flight Time Max Speed Max Take-off Sea Level
DJI Matrice 100 676 g 40 min. 79 Km/h
DJI Phantom 4 462 g 28 min 72 Km/h 6000 m
DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 2935 g 18 min. 79 Km/h 2500 m
Parrot Bebop 2 500 g 25 min 65 Km/h 150 m
Parrot Mambo FPV 63 g 9 min 30km/h
Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ 1700 g 25 min 29 Km/h 122m
3DR Solo 1500 g 25 min. 89 km/h 122 m
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