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4K HDR Professional Drone with Hasselblad Camera and Extended Flight Time


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Price: $3,247.49
(as of Feb 23, 2024 10:37:35 UTC – Details)

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Embark on an unparalleled aerial photography journey with our 4K HDR Professional Drone, equipped with a top-of-the-line Hasselblad Camera. Perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike, this drone captures breathtaking imagery with clarity and precision, making every flight an extraordinary adventure.
This drone is best utilized for professional photography and videography, especially in outdoor settings. It excels in capturing landscapes, events, and real estate imagery. Its advanced features also make it ideal for creating stunning timelapses, hyperlapses, and high dynamic range photos.
What sets this drone apart is its combination of the Hasselblad Camera’s exceptional image quality and the drone’s advanced flying capabilities. The 10-bit Dlog-M color profile captures over 1 billion colors, ensuring every detail is preserved in your footage. The adjustable aperture and the 1-inch CMOS sensor perform brilliantly in various lighting conditions, from bright daylight to twilight hours.
Aircraft x 1
Remote Controller x 1
Intelligent Flight Battery x 1
Charger x 1
Power Cable x 1
Propellers (pair) x 3
RC Cable (Lightning connector) x 1
RC Cable (Standard Micro USB connector) x 1
RC Cable (USB Type-C connector) x 1
Gimbal Protector x 1
Communication Cable (USB 3.0 Type-C) x 1
USB Adapter x 1
RC Cable Slider (Large) x 1
RC Cable Slider (Small) x 2
Spare Control Sticks (pair) x 1
Enhanced Video Capabilities: Supports 4K HDR video recording, providing stunning, lifelike footage.
Extended Flight Time: Up to 31 minutes of flight time, allowing more time to capture the perfect shot.
Long-Range Transmission: OcuSync 2.0 offers up to 8km of video transmission with real-time auto-switching.
Comprehensive Obstacle Sensing: Omnidirectional obstacle sensing for safer flights.
8.43*3.3*3.58 in


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