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5-Thruster Mini Underwater Drone with 4K HD Camera and 100m Tether – Portable and Powerful



Price: $2,731.99
(as of Mar 01, 2024 18:23:49 UTC – Details)

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Discover the ultimate underwater experience with our 5-Thruster Mini Underwater Drone! Dive deep into the ocean’s mysteries with this state-of-the-art device, designed for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re undertaking a critical search and rescue mission, conducting underwater inspections, or simply exploring the aquatic world for pleasure, this drone is your perfect companion.The heart of this remarkable drone is its 4K Ultra-HD 12-megapixel camera, which brings the underwater world to life with stunning clarity and vibrant colors. Its impressive depth capability of 330 feet (100 meters) and 1,200 lumens LED lights ensure crystal-clear visibility even in the darkest depths. Equipped with five powerful thrusters, this drone offers unmatched maneuverability and stability, allowing you to capture spectacular footage or conduct thorough inspections with ease.x1 Gladius Mini Underwater Drone
x1 Remote Controller Charging Cable (5V USB)
x1 3A Power Cord
x1 Tether & Winder
x1 3A Power Adapter
x1 Remote Controller
x4 Support Documents
x1 Phone/Tablet Mount
x2 Buoyancy Weights
x1 Phone/Tablet Mounting Bracket
x1 Absorbent Towel
x3 Phone/Tablet Mounting Bracket Screw (M5*8)
x10 Tether Connector O-Rings
x10 Gladius MiniBody Screws(M3*6)
x 4 Tether Connector Caps
x1 Back Pack
100-meter tether for extensive exploration depths.
Five thrusters for superior maneuverability and stability.
Easy-to-use wireless controller for intuitive operation.
Long-lasting battery life for extended exploration.
8.9*3.5*15 inches


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