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Foldable 4K Camera Mini Drone – Headless Mode, One Key Take Off/Land, Carrying Case, for Kids and Beginners



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S118 Drone with for Kids


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1 1 1 1 Pack for adventures 2 4K camera 3 Protection mechanism

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S118 Drone

New Appearance Design Different from other drone shell designs, it adopts a carbon fiber shell design, which is different and makes the drone more resistant to falling. Easy to Carry Equipped with a storage bag, and the overall weight of the drone is less than 160g 4K high-definition Dual Camera 4K camera and 90° manually adjustable lens, increase the top-down angle shooting by switching the button, allowing you to enjoy real-time and vivid aerial photos and videos Stable Altitude Hold After taking off, please allow 3-5 seconds for the light flow to stabilize. Once stable, the drone will automatically enter hover mode, maintain a stable altitude and remain stationary. This ensures you a stable and controlled flying experience. Long Flight 2 batteries are provided for use, which can be used for up to 30 minutes (if you use the one-button roll mode, the roll function will consume a lot of power, and it is recommended to use this function in an open space) One-key Takeoff/Landing Easily start or land, just tap this function and it will automatically take off and keep flying or slowly fly down. One Click to Scroll Tap one button, then the drone will perform a 360 flip making the flight more exciting. Emergency Stop This mode is for emergency stop if there is a danger during the flight Protection Mechanism To ensure the safety of the drone, we have equipped the drone with a mechanism that automatically activates when it flies beyond a certain remote control range. Once the drone reaches this limit, it will automatically hover in place, preventing it from flying further and preventing it from getting lost. Reliable Flying Partner We recommend conducting your first flight in an open area. If you have any issues with the drone, remote control or app, you can contact the seller for solutions.

User-Friendly Features:The user-friendly features of our mini drone toy make flying a breeze. With one-touch takeoff/landing, altitude hold, and 360° flip functions, it’s easy to control for beginners while offering advanced operations for experienced users. The smart obstacle avoidance system ensures safe flights, detecting and avoiding obstacles in its path.
High Safety: Safety is a top priority with our mini drone toy. It’s equipped with obstacle avoidance technology and hover protection, ensuring a secure flying experience. Beginners can fly with confidence, knowing the drone will detect and avoid obstacles automatically.
Portable and Convenient: Convenience is key, and our mini drone toy delivers. The foldable design and carrying case make it portable and easy to take with you on your adventures. Whether you’re traveling, hiking, or enjoying outdoor activities, this compact and lightweight drone is always ready for action.
Suitable for All Ages: Designed for all ages, our mini drone toy brings joy to both kids and adults. Whether you’re an experienced RC drone enthusiast or a beginner eager to explore the world of aerial photography, this drone is suitable for everyone.


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