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Advanced 4K VR Underwater Drone with Robotic Arm – Ultimate Marine Exploration Tool


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Price: $2,599.00
(as of Feb 23, 2024 15:22:28 UTC – Details)

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Embark on a thrilling underwater journey with our revolutionary 2023 Advanced 4K VR Underwater Drone. This state-of-the-art marine exploration tool is designed to bring the ocean’s mysteries right before your eyes, making it perfect for professionals and aquatic enthusiasts alike. Experience the underwater world in stunning detail and precision, like never before.
This underwater drone is ideal for a variety of applications, from marine research and underwater photography to recreational diving and fishing. Its user-friendly design and advanced capabilities make it suitable for both professionals and hobbyists. Whether you’re exploring coral reefs, monitoring marine life, or searching for sunken treasures, this drone is your perfect underwater companion.
What truly sets this underwater drone apart is its combination of advanced technology and user-friendly features. The 4K VR capabilities provide a vivid and immersive underwater experience, while the robust robotic arm adds a new dimension to underwater exploration and interaction. Its sturdy build, extended battery life, and easy connectivity ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, every time.
Extended Operating Range: Explore deeper with a 100m cable and a robust remote control system.
Durable and Reliable: Built to withstand temperatures ranging from -10° to 60°C.
Long-lasting Battery Life: Enjoy up to 4 hours of exploration with a powerful 9000 mAh battery.
Intuitive FPV Operation: Real-time, first-person view operation with seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.
15*13*5.6 inches


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